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Project description: 

The TEMF is comprised of maintenance bays and areas, equipment and parts storage, administrative offices and class/training rooms. The project included construction of an 8,400-square-foot organizational storage building, a 1,800-square-foot unmanned aerial vehicle storage building, and two 1,200-square-foot petroleum/oil/lubricant (POL) and HAZMAT storage buildings. The TEMF can accommodate up to 512 tactical vehicles, requiring the placement of approximately 40,965 square yards of concrete for organizational vehicle and equipment parking. 

Several LEED© strategies and energy-savings concepts were incorporated into the TEMF’s design and construction. Its roof is LEED© compliant, which offers decreased energy consumption and helps provide a more comfortable climate inside. Additional enhancements included providing DX/heat pump units, energy-efficient program start ballasts and automatic lighting control. The plumbing controls provide a 1.28-gallon flush for water closets, which reduces water consumption and sewage conveyance. Circulating pumps with a time clock and aqua start help maintain water temperatures while improving their functionality and reducing energy and water waste.

Size: 57,000 sf

Services: Building Commissioning

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