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Project description: 

"collaborated with DePaul University on the design of a new LEED Silver Level certified Museum/Art Gallery located at 935 Fullerton Avenue. Following construction of the renovated CTA Station on Fullerton, Museum/Art Gallery is the first of many upgrades to the surrounding area. In addition to the building, the area will benefit from newly planned walkways and landscaping, which will seek to improve pedestrian traffic around the CTA station, as well as connect the University students, visitors and neighbors to the main campus safely and efficiently.

The generous square footage of the building provides expansive exhibition space, as well as options for more intimate collections. The relocation of DePaul’s current museum facilities to a nexus of pedestrian traffic encourages cultural exchange between the University and its community. The building’s exterior reflects the architecture of the nearby Seminary town homes, and continue the aesthetic tradition of the neighborhood’s unique character."

Size: 15,000 sf

Services: Building Commissioning

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