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Project description: 9th floor build-out and general building modifications at the 536 S. Clark Street Federal Building and the tenant build-out of offices located at the John C. Kluczynski (JCK) Federal Building. The 536 S. Clark Street Federal building primarily serves to house the Department of Homeland Security. It was designed in 1912 by Chicago architects Holabird and Roche, acquired by the government in 1952 and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Since 2006, the building has undergone two separate renovations, totaling over $70 million. A build-out of the 9th floor of the building for Passport Agency offices, including replacement of existing air-handling units. Additionally, a portion of the Clark Street lobby and security screening area are slated for reconfiguration.

Size: 26,550 sf

Services: Building Commissioning

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