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Project description: The Lower Colorado Regional Office Administration Building constructed in 1932 as the Administrative building for the construction of Hoover Dam. The main floor (level 200)  renovated to include offices for the Regional and Deputy Regional Directors and their administrative staff, flexible conference room spaces, updating of restrooms, and a reception area that incorporates interpretive elements about the Administration Building and Reclamation's history in the Lower Colorado Region. Levels 100 and 300 renovated to include finishing improvements, HVAC upgrades, and updated restrooms. Key improvements: Improved ADA accessibility, flexible interior spaces, remodeled interior offices, multi-use conference spaces, building management system integration, upgraded life/safety and security equipment; upgraded telecommunications and low-voltage systems, upgraded mechanical and electrical systems, environmental air quality, and building envelope improvements. Sustainable building practices such as use of recycled and recyclable materials, increased water and power conservation, and low VOC emitting materials used to reduce the environmental impact of the building. 

Size: 20,212 sf

Services: Building Commissioning

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